Someone who wants to write just for the hell of seeing his thoughts


I come home and call her name

No response

I head to our room and see it in disarray

Our photos torn up

My face in each one shredded

Hers with Xs over the eyes

I see my records snapped in half

Her books shredded one by one

Just a floor of broken poetry

I open the bathroom door

I see her short raven black hair

And her cardinal colored lips

Her nose poking through

Her piercing reflecting the light

Broken shards of glass

A jigsaw coated with poison

And scarlett

I look up at the mirror

"You lied to me"

I still see the ring on her finger

Coated in Sky

I shoot up awake

I want to scream but I got no voice

I'm covered in cold guilt

My left hand is shaking violently

I turn to my best friend next to me

Pour a shot

Lie back down

My pillow is coated with sweat and tears

Honestly I can't tell the difference between either

The shaking stops

I go to bed

Some nights since last summer are like this

I'm sorry

I'm so goddamn sorry

Ash and Sand

Lego Watch