Someone who wants to write just for the hell of seeing his thoughts

Lego Watch

Every morning he gets up to the smell of coffee

Takes a shower

Lets the cold water wake him up for the day

Brush his teeth

Do his hair

Put on cologne





Lego Watch

Looks at the photo on the wall in the hallway before he steps out


Heads off to work

As a meeting ends one day two of his colleagues approach him

The one with the pink shirt asks him

“Hey man you always looks great but i got to ask since I don't see a ring and I never hear about your family, what's with the watch?”

He had been at this company for three years but never really was a social guy, kept most conversation towards either work or whatever happened on the news that morning

The second guy with a yellow shirt was half paying attention, waiting for a quick response to head out for food

Before he answered, he took a deep breath in through his nose and sighed

“It was a gift. About three years ago my son for father's day decided to get me a lego watch. We would typically build sets after work when I got home, he would sometimes even stay up later than normal just on the off chance to build a set with me if i got home late. And even on late days I tried my best to get in the mood to build sets. Now I'm going to be honest, I like building the sets and everything but everyday can get exhausting, but for him I swallowed my boredom with them at a point just to see him be happy. God he loved building those things. When he got me this watch i put it on only once in front of him only because i mean you see where we work, a lego watch kind of stands out. About a week later my ex wife was taking him to downtown to go oddly enough a bookstore, he finally started to get into reading and I was excited at the idea of him reading when I got home instead of the legos. However going through an intersection my wife wasn't paying attention to the light and she got t-boned. My son was in the back seat, most of the impact was on his side. The coroners said he was most likely dead in seconds from the amount of force and metal that entered his body. My ex wife however had a concussion and some bruising but mostly came out of it alive. The teenager that impacted her was driving an older car, the airbag exploded and the force from it was too grand causing the bridge of the nose to be pushed up into the skull, causing so much bleeding in the process with the force of everything else. Paramedics didn't arrive fast enough as well so sadly she passed due to trauma and blood loss within the hospital. I buried my child a week later. After that my ex wife drank to excess and cried so frequently in the nights that if it wasn't tears soaking the pillow it was vomit. I tried my best to help her, I told her it was an accident, that there was no true fault to bear. Yet deep down i think she saw in my eyes anger, not at her, but at everything for the loss. After one fun night of everclear and Hawaiian Punch she ended up in the hospital, stomach being pumped. I called her parents to come in and help, we sat down, they wanted to take her home and hopefully be away from the city and the house. Clearly she felt it was a burden on her. I agreed and i filed for divorce for both of us, we know it was best. I see her post once in awhile on instagram, She gots a year and a half of sobriety so that's nice. Anyway after awhile of waking up alone in my house i started to rearrange and clean, redecorate a little bit, In the process i found this watch, And in the first time in well a long time i wake up pretty jazzed in the morning, get my coffee, get ready for work, put on my watch which after three years is still working, and say goodbye to the picture of my son in the hallway. It makes me feel like the crash never happened, just for a moment. So….”

He paused feeling how the room had gotten silent, with both men in front of him having a blank look on their faces

“Any more questions?”

The guy in the pink shirt was silent, slightly red in the face with shame for asking

The guy in the yellow took a second, cleared his throat, and asked

“Hey man um do you like salmon, there is a great seafood place right around the corner that does an amazing salmon on rice?”

With a slight tear in his eye the man replied with a smile

“Fuck it, yeah lets get some food”