Someone who wants to write just for the hell of seeing his thoughts


Right now I’m outside of a cafe

I have a glass of Ice coffee

It’s hot out

Beads of sweat form around the glass

Just like beads of sweat form around my face

I think about our last conversation

About all of our conversations

I pull the glass up

You say you just want to be happy

That you want this and that

That life is unfair

That everything is unfair

That no one gets you

You will be forever alone

No lover

No family

Your mom hated you

You never saw your father

Just a woman alone forever

That life is cruel

Why can't you do anything right?

Why it's so hard to get anything right done?

It's not new

I have heard it so many times

In so many languages

In a loop these were your woes

Your sadness

Your complaints

I take a sip

A swallow

And just like that

I hear none of it

I hear none of the nonsense

I hear none of the woes

I see the sores on my skin begin to heal

I feel hair grow back in the patches that were missing

I take off my glasses and can see 20/20

My lungs feel light and my back is all straight

I take a smoke



My teeth are bright white

I look down at my stomach

Its gone

Flat as an ironing board

No aches

No pains

My anger has started to melt

This won't be the last time

But right now

I'll be off being happy

Your company was like an illness

Sickening and tiring

And now without

I can breathe

Hopefully you can do the same

If not I'll still sleep soundly

I get a message

It’s from another potential disease

I reply back

Time to repeat the cycle

Lego Watch

Family Man