Someone who wants to write just for the hell of seeing his thoughts

Family Man

He was there

End of the couch


It was seeing a rock shed water

A body that was tired and done



Each shiver a revving on the engine

That produced those heavy tears

I'm surprised the floor under the couch didn't begin cracking

This poor man and his time

So many hours

So many days



How many summers did he miss out on?

What did he do for his birthdays?

How many night outs did he miss?

Dreams put to the side

I don't know if he ever does dream

I'm pretty sure his eyes just close


Nothing but black

Not dreamy black

Not even a gloss

Like graphite

No light enters

Goals never obtained

For god sake all he wanted was freedom

But he did what he was told

Like a fool never questioning anything

He played the role of a good man

And like good men he got killed for doing so

Stabbed right through the back

I see the droplets of blood mixed in with the tears

Gathering up underneath him

A pool of despair and betrayal

He thought he played a role that made sense

Made sense to him

It's what his father did

And his father before him

Each one playing the role of a good man

He wanted his family to be loved

“¿Que quieres mijo?”

“¿Tienes hambre?”

“¿Vamos a mirar una película?

“¿Vamos pa la playa?”

“Una dia todo eso, todo que yo tengo, vas a tener”

He wanted his family to be happy

He sacrificed his ambitions

His health

Jesus this man can’t even eat with freedom

Tied to insulin and sugar readings

Just to obtain it all

And than for it to be stripped away in a day

A single day

I don't know if he deserved it

I don't know if it was right

I don't know if he ever really did the smart thing

The best thing

The true thing

All I know is I saw him try

I could see it even more so in his tears

Those are tears of care

Of sacrifice

Of a fucking attempt

What did you do?


When the hell did you give up that type of time?

Those types of goals?

You wonder why I never really go home

Well guess what?

Don't expect a visit


In this moment