Someone who wants to write just for the hell of seeing his thoughts


I am a liar

I am a fraud

I am a wolf in sheep's clothing

Probably worst since the wolf at least will eat its prey

Consume the sheep

Costume on


I am not that

I am the wolf that listens to you

I am the wolf that takes care of you

I am the wolf that will come to your aide

Two am as you cry over someone who left you

Or stay up telling you of my dreams of being a wolf writer

Living a life of peace

I am a wolf that has you tell me what they want

And works to help give it to you

I am the wolf that will tell you everything is ok

That you can do what you want

That you can be the painter you desire, the journalist, even the dancer

You can be that paramedic

I am the wolf that says your mom knows nothing about you

And that your dad isn't a father if he raises his hand

And than at one point as we  are connecting

After we have been affectionate

After we spent nights asleep with each other

Nights holding hands and sharing drinks

Nights after having sex and sharing smokes afterwards

That is when my snarl begins

That is when you see my teeth

My bites and jabs

My desire to clamp down on everything around you

I do not care about aspirations afterwards

I do not care about silent nights and calm times

What i really want is to break you

What i want is for you to be nothing but tears

I look back into the field of sheep

I haven't laid a hand on any of them

I haven't consumed a single bit of flesh

But nothing has brought me more joy than knowing i have made all these sheep cry

That i have caused their distress

I don't want my partner to be happy

I just want to know my absence will make them sad

So now i leave from this field to the next

With the zipper ticked in to my sheep costume

Making all the other sheep wish they had just been eaten by a wolf

When I Wake Up