Someone who wants to write just for the hell of seeing his thoughts


Right now I’m laying down in the middle of the ocean

Being slowly submerged in the pacific

It's midnight

I have no fear of great whites or lion fish

I see the the lights of the blue rings and a school of box jellyfish

No fear from the sights

Water is slowly entering my mouth

And into my lungs

Like a balloon being strapped onto a leaking faucet

Drip by drip

Than i see the hands of my family turn the faucet on

A rush of water enters as the balloon begins to swell

The panic hasn't set yet into my body but i feel the pressure in my chest

It's beginning to feel tight and its harder to breathe

Now i see the hands of ex lovers open up the other handle

It's no longer attached to a sink but a hose

Full Blast

Trying to put out a fire that isn’t even there

But still no fear yet

The water isn't cold and it feels somehow inviting

As I’m slowly surrounded by everything that can eat me

Swallow me whole

Or make it impossible to swim back up

As my eyes go underwater i see over me

A reflection of myself with a grin

My eyes have never felt wider

He pushes me down

He grabs a needle to puncture the balloon

It was already gonna burst

He is just there to speed up the process

I almost feel fear but more so now i feel relief

I wake up in my bed shaking and crying

Its three am

I wasn't supposed to wake up

Especially when i thought i drank enough not to


I go back into bed

I lay down again in the middle of the night

I lay down again in my ocean of thoughts

My time