Someone who wants to write just for the hell of seeing his thoughts

My time

Right now i can feel your wavy hair on my chest

Pilling up on me like reginette

The heat of your breath building up on my body

A small fire being ignited on my barely existent chest hairs

My hands being clasped by yours so strong

A grip that could slowly make my hands into diamonds

Rare moments like this is when you let your guard down

Rare moments like this is when you hold me as your partner

I don't think you ever really have been loved before

Not in a caring way

It seems it's always been distant

It always seems to be filled with lack of compassion

More with ownership

You were either a book to hold to kill time

Or a painting that never got dusted but always remained in sight

Never how a partner should be

Music that is heard and being constantly played

At least that is what love is to me

I usually end most days with myself

Most mornings in solitude as well

When i was born my mother was scared

She said i never cried

Never made a peep

Only when my time was forced to be shared with others

That is when tears always filled

I never liked doing anything that required me to be away from myself

I am the only thing that i really wanted to put time into

I was and still am selfish with the one thing that truly matters

My time

But right now i find myself wanting to invest every and any second inside of you

Maybe it's because for the first time i have seen someone who never is around anyone

Maybe its because I’m around someone who i see needs a gentle touch

All i know it's the first time in awhile i ever actually feel lonely in separation

And not just relief

And now the grip on my hand is stronger than ever

This is all i can do

Give you my time

The only thing that mattered to me

My Toy