Someone who wants to write just for the hell of seeing his thoughts

My Toy

Be my toy not my partner

Be my plaything not my other

Tie you up and leave you on the bed wanting for more

No breakfast the next day

No eggs and pancakes after what we do

Pull your hair and bite your neck

No talks of goals and dreams

I don't want to hear about your family

Not of your father being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Or your mother finding a new partner younger than you

I don't want to hear about your day

Of the office work piling up from above

Cases of lit TNT stacking up indefinitely next to your desktop

Or any of the inside work drama and how you hate Becky

Especially when she comes in with roses once a week

Knowing she demands them from her significant other yet she acts shocked

You don't need to know my father's second family

And how he doesn't call anymore

Even on holidays

Or how i found my mother's blue chip next to a bottle of grey goose

As i have to pick up my sister from class since she cant get out of bed

Surrounded by styrofoam cups and half melted ice

None of that

Handcuffs and lube

No flowers

No chocolates

The only gifts we have for each other is the moment

We don't even need to know our names

I'll forget it the next day

And I’m pretty sure you will forget mine

We can just be passing strangers

But for now it's just us

Just our bodies

The looks on our faces

The way are eyes meet

That's all we need from each other

Just a moment outside of everything else

Our lives don't exist in this moment

Our baggage exists outside of these walls and outside of our mind

I'm not here as a shoulder to cry on

And you are not here to replace my detachment

I don't need a partner

You don't need a white knight

We are just bodies

We are just playthings in our after hours

On our days off from everything else

Toys to be played in the twilight

Waste of Time

My time