Someone who wants to write just for the hell of seeing his thoughts


Right now my body hurts

My chest feels tight

My toes are tingling

I haven't seen my mother in months

My father rarely visits

Family doesn't call

I lie awake in the middle of the night

My hands feel dirty

I need to wash them

Even though i washed them twenty seconds ago

I can almost see the black mites on my hand

Scurrying up my body like fire ants up a hill

I’m drained

When i was young i used to cry myself to sleep all the time

It always tired me out

Right now i try to think of all the things that could make me cry

A tear hasn't left me eyes in years

I can’t think

My eyes feel heavy

Like theater curtains they drop down

My mind begins a new show

My heartbeat a drumline

My nerves move like spiders

I pull them all out of my skin

Like roots from a plant

Each nerve covered in blood

Grabbing a spoon I take my eyes out of my skull

Feeling the cold metal scraping against the socket

Next a wrench to pull out each individual tooth

Twisting the molar




Filling my mouth with iron

My fingers sliced on a cutting board

Perfect precision

A butchers knife slicing me up the center

My intestines flopping out onto the floor

A wet plop

A skewering needle enters my ears

First i feel the sharp needle pierce the drum

Than the pooling warmth

Like wax after a hot shower

The needle stops at my brain

I pull the curtains up

It's 6 A.M and my nerves are on fire

My body hurts

My chest feels tight

My toes are tingling

I’m too tired to be sober


Alone with you