Someone who wants to write just for the hell of seeing his thoughts

Girls with Raspy Voices

Girls with raspy voices

When i hear you say my name it's intoxicating

Six shots and my head begins buzzing

My walk has a stagger

All from a voice with my name

When i hear you say hello

My heart breaks

Twelve million pieces flooding into my chest

Like warm blood pooling in the back of my throat

I feel myself choking on words to say to you

Hi and hello

Milestones to pass through

Stories of your days

Become the music of my night

I find myself enraptured with your smokey voice

It sounds like you smoked half a pack

You tell me than your troubles as you smoke the other half

Anything at all that's on your mind

And with your voice i find myself breaking

Like the pied piper's flute

Your voice leads me to a river of woes

I drown myself in your sorrows

In doing so i feel a strangers pain

Beauty in sadness makes more sense in those moments

Than ever before in my life

I go home and listen to anything that makes me move

Orchestras and Jazz

Rap and Rock

New Wave and Pop

Music that is meant to move the soul

And kill the mind

Yet your voice is what plays louder and longer in my head

A record that is chipped yet still plays nothing but hits

It makes my body sweat and my knees get weak

Girls with raspy voices

You are beautiful

June 14th

I am my father's son