Someone who wants to write just for the hell of seeing his thoughts

Orange Lipstick

The other day i saw you there

Orange lipstick on tan skin

It caught my eye

Like oranges hanging around autumn leaves

Me gustan mucho los naranjas

Y me gustan mas los mujeres bonitas

It left me perplexed



What did they taste like?

Sweet potatoes and carefree nights

Or like Crush mixed with long mornings

Why did orange lips make my heart beat twelve times faster?

Why did rinds of nectarine placed on cinnamon skin catch my being?


I lost someone and felt like the world was gray

Bleak and steel blue

My days felt like oatmeal, bland and barely nourishing

Yet those orange lips combined with big hips

They made the heat in my blood go from a smolder to an inferno


That's the first thing in my mind with those lips

I wonder if the body is the same

I rarely see you around

I know you have a boyfriend

Or at least last we talked i remembered you did

I feel like a creep in hindsight

But i had to write down

What i would do to these orange lips

I would taste the citrus dew from them

Consume the nectar like a man who fasted for days

Then i would take a bite of your pumpkin pie skin

Tasting each bit of you

El no necesita saber

My tongue and lips becoming the only way to totally envelop you

And when you asked for something rougher

Tie you up and take a true sampling of what i got

Your eyes closed

Moans so raspy and deep

Sounds that shake my eardrums

Like a caliber being unloaded into an empty hallway

Ear shattering

If only i can go up to you and say

Yo quiero tu cuerpo

Than have my dessert for just one night

But for now you will be a slice of cake behind glass

A passing emotion

A feeling with tan skin and orange lipstick


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