Someone who wants to write just for the hell of seeing his thoughts

Brown Eyes

Stop it

Stop looking at me

Stop looking at me with those brown eyes

Those daggers ready to pierce

Revolvers ready to take the shot

Heat seeking bullets aimed for my skull

Cause your dirt stained eyes ignite flames inside my mind

So there’s no way you will miss

Now stop looking at me with those brown eyes

Coffee beans waiting to be used

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner

All I want is just a cup

Brown eyes that melt my incredibly inhospitable icy island of a heart

For just a mere second

A moment so tiny it can't be measured

Just felt and forgotten

Soft brown eyes that take away my nicotine itch with a glance

And is replaced with chain smoking when they are not around

Earth encapsulating eyes that take away my OCD and replace it with wonder

True wonder

I want to know everything about those brown eyes

What they saw as a kid

How they felt when they wear closed listening to music

What pictures did those sounds make?

What colors do those eyes see?

Do those eyes even see color?

The feeling of the wind cutting those eyes as you rode so many rides

Cause those are eyes that can’t sit still

No they cannot

For if they sit just for a minute

Just a second

Hell more accurate

A fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a second

Than all of the weight of every regret

And every painful relationship will crush them

Brown eyes that have seen the bottom of more bottles

Than they have zeroes on paychecks

Brown eyes glossed over by xanax

Because pills are the only way to shield such eyes

Ready to accept my hate faster than my love

Only because they were trained to do so

Brown eyes that dealt with the worst of my kind

Children dressed as men

Careless with anything and everything

Including precious jewels

Like those brown eyes

And for what reason for hurting those eyes other than that they were nice eyes

They were accepting

They were weird since day one

And yet these kids did nothing more but take advantage of them

Who the fuck does that to these beautiful eyes?!?!

These gorgeous eyes

These soft and gentle eyes

What monsters make eyes like those cry

Eyes that have so much hurt they question existence

That have been made to question living because of the worst men in the world

These eyes that bring out the animal in me

The primate

The one that will rip the heads off of so many just to take away the pain

Tell me how many?

Name a number and I will meet it to and fro

Will those eyes stop crying when the see blood?

Cause if so I will create a sea of it

Which we can stare at till we can’t see no more

Till those eyes quit before I do

But do me one favor

Do me just one thing

Humor this one request

Stop looking at me with those brown eyes

Those big, beautiful, benevolent eyes

Because if you don’t

Than you will do the impossible

And break something!


That is already broken!

Orange Lipstick

June 14th