Someone who wants to write just for the hell of seeing his thoughts

Handcuffs and Love Bites

She came up to me one night

Tiny frame and black hair

A curvy coat rack with a black trench coat on top

Bright red lipstick

Like a stop sign seen with high beams

She asked me

“Why aren't you more aggressive?”

I never tried being forceful before

I never wanted to hurt people

Like Lennie to a bunny

Growing up playing sports i always heard

“Be aggressive!”

A war cry to an unwilling soldier

Age placed repetitive thoughts of violence in my conscious

OCD places seeds of becoming a monster in the mind

Live seeds in dead dirt

One of my first girlfriends i remember biting her ear

Liking it too much

Wave after wave


She asked for more

I always hesitated

Fear became my restraint

“Why aren't  you more aggressive?”

“I just never really tried i guess, i was always a little more shy”

“Men are just terrible, they really don't know what we want”

She began to kiss me and slipped a pair of handcuffs in my hands

I felt the weight of the metal

It had to be less than a pound

Yet it felt like a ton

My hands shook from the pressure

She whispered in my ear

“Treat me as you please, don't be afraid to be rough”

I felt my pulse beat at lightning speed

My blood became hot and sticky

Boiling molasses moving through my veins

My heart inflating to a point where it would pop

Sweat started to pool in my hands

I moved everything so slowly

First her shirt

Than her bra

Her lips connecting with mine

I place her hands behind her back

I put the handcuffs on




The locks in my head unlocking with each click

I felt my body go into overdrive

She gave me permission

I pull the cuffs down

Forcing her to arch her back

She moans

I pull the cuffs down harder

I bite her neck softly

She moans and winces

"Oh fuck"

I bite a little harder

"Ohhhhhh fuck"

The thoughts stop

My chest is now thumping with excitement

Tonight i will forget all my fears

I smiled

Maybe i do great with handcuffs

and love bites

I am my father's son

Leaving me