Someone who wants to write just for the hell of seeing his thoughts

Leaving me

I feel the weight of your body on my lap

Holding down my insecurities and fear of being like my father

You are asleep ten miles away

I can hear your laughter in my ears

Like soft drums in my skull

You haven't called me in days

I can smell your floral perfume, vanilla and daisies

The first time you wore it was the first time we went to the beach

Our feet on the sand as we watched families pack up for the evening

And new lovers infiltrate for the night

Neon lights in the background on the pier

The clothes you left behind in the hamper still carry that smell

Your eyes still burn into the back of my head

Shaking slightly from the laughter and promises we made that never got fulfilled

I wake up now to my own in the mirror, loss of purpose

Filled with disappointment for what i see

I can still feel your tongue with mine

Your hands on my shoulders

Mine at your hips

Now a phantom sensation of a memory i lose each day

I used to sweat from your body asleep next to mine

Radiating like a bonfire with too much lighter fluid on a winter night

I fell asleep last night, shivering even though there were ten blankets on me

I left you five days ago

I still question why

You still haven't left me

Handcuffs and Love Bites

Five A.M.