Someone who wants to write just for the hell of seeing his thoughts

Fight or Flight, I choose flight

The night we broke up I went for a run
Let me rephrase that
The night when you asked me if we could be more I ran away
Janice is a very beautiful name
And you are a very beautiful person
But my body knows better
When it sees a tiger it knows to run
That night however it wasn’t a tiger I saw
But rather a lion
Already with its teeth on my neck
I know you felt my pulse
You were waiting to bite down
As my breathing became more shallow
I knew I had made the right choice
I mean i must have right?
My feet know better than to run from a sheep in wolf’s clothing
My mind knows fear when it sees it
I know fear when I see it
I’m not ready to die
Or at least I didn’t think so
That was until I felt my legs tremble
And nausea to hit me all over
When I threw up all I saw was red
Either my emotions were leaving me
Or I was making myself lighter to flee
Flee for another day
What it was though I don't know
All I know now is I look back at that night
Maybe I shouldn’t have ran
Maybe I shouldn’t have turned around
Maybe I should have let the lion bite my neck
Either way I was going to die
Hopefully I choose the right way to do so

Five A.M.