Someone who wants to write just for the hell of seeing his thoughts


I am drunk
The world is filling me up
Its intoxicating beauty is further intoxicating me
I talk a women into bed
Her beautiful body laying on top of mine
I feel a euphoria of joy
My drunken eyes recall only a lock of black hair
I awake
Sobriety has hit in
Its painful
It lures me into disgust
I look down and do not see beauty
I was had again by the whiskey
Everything around me is ugly
The people
The sounds!
Things in my altered mind I found beautiful
They call it the devils juice
But maybe its because the devil has honest eyes
Maybe its wrong to say the whiskey fooled me
Is it wrong to see beauty in this world?
A world in which despair, backstabbing, and hate reside
To see it through the devils eyes?
Cause clearly he is more accepting
More understanding
More loving than holy thoughts that refrain
That keep a mans effected mind
That are so easy to judge and disdain
I take another two shots
I put on the devils glasses
And all I see
And all I hear
Is beauty

Fight or Flight, I choose flight

Ocean Waves