Someone who wants to write just for the hell of seeing his thoughts

Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves

That's what you wore on our first date

Cobalt waves that pulled me under

Slowly taking my breath

One second at a time

Ocean Waves

I felt the pressure of your desires on my body

Like a diver accelerating up to the surface

A moment of fresh air

Followed by nausea, double vision

Eventually death

Ocean Waves

You have beauty and brains

And like the the tsunami you are

Approaching on the tiny village

You also had death and destruction

Ocean Waves

So tempting to drown in

Bathing my body with its salt

Constantly surrounded with blue

Taking away my solitude

Replacing it with isolation

Ocean Waves

Washing away my lack of self

As it knocks me to the ground

Cutting my back up with seashells

And false promises

Ocean Waves

I loved you

And yet at the end

Maybe it's best if i just go out by the sun

Dreaming of the ocean as I dry out in the desert

No water left in me